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Quintero Group is the producer and commercial sales business enterprise, specializing in the sale of exotic fruits and "Lady Fingers Bananas". Our mission and commitment is to lead the market in the production, distribution and Lady fingers banana's trading. We put a strong emphasis of quality products and top notch service to our customers and distributors in domestic and international markets.

Our product Platano dominico (D'Liz Quality, Bananas), has been the national market leader for the last four years. This has permitted us to expand our horizons, so as to be able to achieve success as we enter the most quality-minded markets of America and Europe, (U.S. market, Canada, France, Holland), among many others. Those are markets in which our product is exclusive and without peer.

Quintero Group today counts on a large infrastructure, made up of 11 (eleven) production ranches of 400 hectares in total, 200 employees, 2 packing plants totally equipped with cooling facilities and forced air chambers. Also has three refrigerated semi-tractor trailers used on transportation of the product from ranches to our several ware-houses in all Mexico. Learn more through our web site to become our brand representative in your country, or just import the best Lady Fingers Bananas in the world.

Warehouses W-59 y X-80
Central de Abasto. México City.
Phone. (525) 694-2114, 694-1907
(231) 5-04-29
Fax: 5-09-29
Contact: Lizeth Quintero